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The Best Colours For Your Bedroom to Improve Your Sleep

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Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries where we can relax and unwind after a long day but with most of us working from home, the lines can be blurred. Are you experiencing difficulty falling asleep at night? Do you enter your bedroom tired, but quickly find yourself experiencing a boost of unwanted energy? Did you know that the colour of your bedding can influence your mood and health. Colour psychology for decorating your bedroom can set the tone for your room and produce a particular response

Here’s how to choose the best colour silk pillowcase to match your room and create the atmosphere you desire.

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the best colours for your bedroom to improve your sleep


While pink is often associated with a little girl’s room, it is actually great for any age. It creates an atmosphere that is nurturing, loving and soothing. Pink interior and bedding will make you feel love and joy.

Research has shown that the color pink reduces aggression. At one time, pink was used in mental institutions to calm the patients. The soothing feelings of pink are not completely understood by science.


Champagne is warm and comforting. Many of us find it easier to relax in yellow rooms. This is great if you want to feel calm and focused. It can be paired with other colours to create a more inviting space.

The colour champagne promotes happiness. If you are depressed and looking for a room colour, consider champagne.


White represents cleanliness and creates a refreshing environment. This will help to create a calming atmosphere, that feels orderly and peaceful. You can use different shades of white to create warmth or you can incorporate small accent colours to bring some energy into the room.


A warm-tone option is orange, which many creates feelings of coziness and relaxation. Orangey gold hues can also help with digestion, soothing an upset stomach and preparing your body for sleep.


Grey is a bold statement that can encourage elegance and sophistication. Grey bedding represents darkness and can help to induce sleep. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about grey pillowcases getting dirty! Incorporating grey into your bedroom décor can make to you feel strong and powerful.

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Colours are an easy way to give your bedroom life and help you set your ideal mood. Whether you prefer cozy warm shades or something more refreshing and cool, finding the right color is only a matter of knowing what works best with your lifestyle. Once you’ve chosen the right color, get creative with some fun DIY bedroom decor.

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