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Benefits of Switching to Silk Scrunchies – No More Hair Damage

It’s official: the scrunchie is back.  The trend has been elevated in the midst of the recent hair accessory revival for the biggest comeback of 2021. Using a standard elastic hair ties can seriously damage your hair and lead to the loss of its beautiful look.

Silk Scrunchie Hair Benefits


Shampoos, conditioners, nourishment creams, and balms – what a modern woman wouldn’t do to make her hair look great! And let’s be honest – these things do work. However, even if you take good care of your hair, you still face the problem of tangled hair.

This is mainly due to the fact that most people don’t pay too much attention to the scrunchies they’re using to pull their hair into a ponytail. These scrunchies are typically cheap and made of cotton – not a great choice for your hair.

Here are 4 benefits of switching to silk hair scrunchies:

  1. Completely harmless for your hair resulting in the lack of split ends
  2. Leave no kinks or creases, which makes your hairdo impeccable at all times
  3. Less tangly hair
  4. A great-looking, stylish accessory that is always easy to wear and remove – both for going out and for sleeping

If strong, healthy hair is your goal, then silk scrunchies are the number one choice accessory for you. It’s all about silk and its unique features – the fact this material comes from nature itself makes it ideal for any type of hair. Due to its smooth texture, silk keeps our hair soft and prevents any split ends from happening.

Pure silk hair scrunchies work well for hair too – more on that below.

Black Jumbo Silk Scrunchie

Do Hair Ties Damage Hair?

You probably heard a lot of good things about silk pillowcases and how they help to minimize tangling and frizzing while also preventing hair fragility and preserving its elasticity. Well, the same holds true for silk scrunchies.

What is the least damaging hair tie? Now you know it’s silk scrunchies! Here are more reasons to make the switch:

  • Due to its softness, silk does not generate a lot of friction, which means no tangled, unruly hair like it usually happens with regular rubber hair ties.
  • Split ends will no longer be a problem as well.
  • Unlike cotton, which makes hair dry, silk is a 100% natural material containing protein fibers filled with essential amino acids that help your hair grow and keep it elastic.
    You may have seen these silk proteins as one of the components of quality hair conditioners. The absorbing qualities of this material make it an ideal choice not only for hair care products but also for various accessories
  • Silk is a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly material, which makes it an obvious choice for women with dry or sensitive skin as well as those who are prone to allergies. We offer you the best silk scrunchies made from 100% natural material that does not contain any toxins or other harmful chemical additives.

Do Scrunchies Leave Kinks or Creases in Hair?

Your hairstyle will always look impeccable with silk hair ties. Owing much to their smooth texture, silk scrunchies are always easy to wear and remove – they just gently slide down your hair not damaging it.

Any kind of styling you might have, our silk scrunchie set will support it just right and protect your hair from creases.

Silk Scrunchie Hairstyle Low Ponytail
Silk Scrunchie Chic Ponytail Hairstyles

Are Scrunchies Good for Curly Hair?

A common complaint coming from women with curly hair is that it’s not always easy for them to find the right scrunchie that would not only be comfortable to wear but also look good.

Whether your hair is long or short, straight or wavy, it does not matter – modern silk hair ties are versatile to work with any kind of hair texture and hairstyles.

Choosing Between Natural Silk and Synthetic Satin Scrunchies

If you want your scrunchie not only to look good but also to feel good and do all the wonders we’ve just described here in this article, you have to go with mulberry silk.

This is 100% pure silk produced from fibers of bombyx mori, or domestic silk moth. The thickness of scrunchies made of this type of silk is 19-22 momme.

Synthetic silk scrunchies are not entirely made of silk containing satin, chiffon, or georgette. In fact, they may have nothing to do with silk at all as it’s usually just cellulose. It may LOOK the same but it will never FEEL the same, nor will it be as comfortable to wear as the mulberry silk scrunchies.

Navy and Mint Green Silk Scrunchies

Cost of Silk Scrunchies - How Much Are Silk Scrunchies?

There are a few factors to consider:

  • the size of the scrunchie
  • brand/model
  • the number of scrunchies in the bundle

According to Amazon, the average price on the market for a mulberry silk scrunchie is about $20-30 for one large scrunchie and $18-30 for a set of three small ones. At June Silk, we manufacture premium-quality hair accessories made of 100% mulberry silk.

There are plenty of sizes and colours to choose from on our range of silk scrunchies – you can get a large silk scrunchie or a set of small ones. One thing that will stay the same is the quality, craftsmanship, and impeccable style – a perfect complement for your hair!

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