Our Factories

We partner with factories that not only do exceptional work, but treat their employees with exceptional respect. We have been working with some these factories since the early days of the brand.

From the beginning, it has always been important to us that our manufacturing process be sensitive to the environment, and that the people involved at every step of the process are treated with respect, receive a fair wage, and are not expected to work in uncomfortable or hazardous conditions.

We hope to have the pleasure of visiting these facilities where our silks are made, and meeting the skilled people who hand-dye and hem our products in the beautiful city of Suzhou one day.

Our Certifications

We ensure that our factory partners all have valid OEKO-TEX certifications to ensure the strictest quality guidelines including non-toxic dyes. The long fibre thread count of 750-800 is specially commissioned and made to our exacting standards, developed and re­fined to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability. We use the highest grade (6A) long ­fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme

Our Silk

Grade 6A Silk

Silk is graded on an A, B, and C scale. Each letter referencing a different type of silk product quality. A being the finest, highest quality silk product and C being the lowest. The Number takes the grading and makes it a step further. For instance you could have 3A, 5A, or 6A. 6A being the highest. So you can be ensured that June Silk only uses graded 6A silk that is the highest quality that you can buy.

Charmeuse Silk

We have researched and tested over 6 months to ensure that our fabrics will not lose gloss over time. Our products are also more durable and stronger than ordinary silk fabrics. We chose a Charmeuse silk weave, which allows for extra luster and shine on the front side in exchange for a dull finish at the back. Charmeuse silk has a beautiful sheen in the front and looks very luxurious. It is thick yet light and very smooth to the touch.