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New found bestie

This is the first time I am using a silk eye mask and I have tried it for about 3 weeks. Unlike normal eye mask, the silk eye mask does not feel warm. The material is very soft and it feels snug and not tight. I like the gentle pressure of the mask against my eyes and it really helps me to relax and fall asleep very quickly. Here's the real bonus - I have observed that my eyes are less puffy in the morning!!

This is a good product which I would recommend to anyone who needs a little help to reach dreamland.

2nd purchase

Got a pack of 2-layer (no lining) ones before, bought these since I needed more returning to office. Not willing to go back to disposables or cotton masks after using these! I prefer the fit of these compared to the 2-layer ones as it has an extra flap to sit on the chin properly.

Gorgeous lovely honey coloured silk pillow case

Have been using the silk pillow case. Love their lovely sheen and smooth texture. Just bought the honey coloured pillow case. Simply love the gorgeous colour. Thank you June Silk for all the great pillow cases

Perfect hair tie

Love these hair scrunchies! Smooth on your hair, no pulling and great set of practical colours. They look great on the wrist as an accessory too! Bought several for gifts to others as well!

Soft and luxurious

Beautiful, elegant and great range of mulberry silk masks. Fit well and so nice on your face. Bought myself a few colours and went back for more and shared with friends to experience the same luxury on your face. Thank you

Feels so smooth!

The product is so smooth and comfortable! Bought it as a gift and I'm glad I did! Got a free scrunchie as well 🙂 happy with the product and customer service!

Great Silk Mask.

This is the first time i have bought a silk mask. Upon usage, was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these masks. Its comfortable to wear and didn't leave me feeling suffocated. Prompt Delivery and customer service is amazing.

Thank you for your wonderful review, Sally!

2nd purchase

This is my 2nd purchase. For the first purchase, I bought 3 layer mask and this time, 2 layer mask. Generally prefer 3 layer more but 2 layer mask works well too. Helps with my maskne.

Great face mask

The face masks are soft and smooth. Provides a snug fit and most importantly, it’s highly breathable! Simply adore them!

3 layers silk mask

This is the second time I bought this as a gift. The silky mask looks good with a free filter each except the packaging can be improved for its higher price.

Very breathable

It's indeed very breathable and feels soft and gentle on my skin.

2 layer design with lining

There is not sufficient room along the nose bridge to the lips, a bit hard to breath comfortably. Good if the cutting can be improved.
Also when I pull the mask up to cover my nose, the lower part don't cover the lower part of my lip sufficiently enough. The height and curve of the mask has to improved. The size of my face is average, not exceptionally big.

Good product

Soft & breathable.
Seller have good customer service

2nd purchase!

I have to applaud the June Silk team for the great customer service and overall purchase experience. I ordered on 20th October and received my parcel on 23rd October, shipped to Brunei in perfect condition. I have Caramel, Pearl Pink, Rose Gold and Ash and I love how they feel on my skin. ❤️ Bye-bye maskne! 👋🏻

2nd purchase!

As I've purchased before, I bought two of this colour and gifted it to my mom and my sister. They love it as much as I do! 🥰
The colour is very pretty and its so shiny when it hits the sun. Fits a surgical mask in the filter pocket too ❤️

A must-have item for the much needed rest

: > I was glad that I brought the silk mask on my recent hospital stay. The silk mask is very soft and luxurious (gentle on my eyes) and I used it every night during the hospital stay. The plus point: the elastic band stays well and keeps my hair neatly tucked.

Suggestion: The drawstring pouch that came with the silk mask is abit squeezy. I used a single press-stud holder (meant for my face mask) for ease of removing and storage : )

Silk Pillowcase

Back for third time order.
Most comfortable silk pillow case.

Smooth like butter!

I bought the 2 Layer Luxe pack of 3 because I know I'd love how it feels on the skin and I was right! 🥰It has a pocket for your PM2.5 filter and it can even fit a surgical mask for double masking purposes. Its breathable and comfortable too ❤️

Loving the quality and colour of the face mask and scrunchies.

Silk mask

Love love the silk mask! The mask fit me perfectly and feel so smooth.

Silk pillow case

Love the silk pillow case. It it so smooth and silky. Really help me to get my good night sleep and the best thing is I wake up with shiny and frizz free hair.

2-layer mask with lining

This is slightly more structured compared to 2-layer mask without lining. Similar softness to the skin between the two types. Overall happier with this design among the three.

Silk pillowcase

Loving how the silk pillowcases feel on the skin. Soft and cooling.

Full Chin Cover

I didn’t expect it to fully cover the chin but surprised that it hugged my face nicely! Love the lilac color and matched it with a light purple chiffon scrunchie!

Perfect Fit!

I love how subtle and smooth it looks even while wearing it. Easy to wash and dry! It’s made for the practical yet stylish women 🌸