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2-layer mask with lining

This is slightly more structured compared to 2-layer mask without lining. Similar softness to the skin between the two types. Overall happier with this design among the three.

Silk pillowcase

Loving how the silk pillowcases feel on the skin. Soft and cooling.

Full Chin Cover

I didn’t expect it to fully cover the chin but surprised that it hugged my face nicely! Love the lilac color and matched it with a light purple chiffon scrunchie!

Perfect Fit!

I love how subtle and smooth it looks even while wearing it. Easy to wash and dry! It’s made for the practical yet stylish women 🌸

Super soft

It’s cooling and comfy

One of a kind

I have bought the 2 Layer Silk mask, it was really highly recommended. I bought 2 Layer silk mask , It was breathable , comfortable and I can felt the cooling from the silk on my face even I use double mask . The design was nice and it’s fit perfectly .I would come back to purchase more !!

3ply/4ply face mask

I have purchased the 3ply and 4ply face masks. Their quality was at its best with affortable prices.

The 3ply face mask size fits perfectly on my daughter and she instantly loves the feel of it on her skin when she tried it on.

Thanks June Silk. Definitely looking forward to more upcoming products!

Kind to the skin.

This is the first mask that I’ve worn that’s gentle on my skin and didn’t leave me feeling like I was suffocating in a pool of sweat! Absolutely love them and will get more.

Lux Comfort

This mask is a dream - it is both luxurious and comfortable to wear.

I love it

I found a mask to my sensitive skin now its my best friend ☺️❤️

One of the best

Was highly recommended by my asthetics doc that silk masks works well for maskne.
Very comfortable& thick enough silk masks for me. And it removes my maskne. Basically I can’t use any other masks at all now except silk masks! So I bought from here many many times before ! Working well for me out of all the range will definitely be 2 layer LUXE silk face mask.

Pretty silkcases for wedding gifts

Bought the pillowcases with embroidered names for a friend’s wedding gift. The quality is really good and not to mention, the colour is so pretty! Can’t wait to get it for my own too!

Perfect Fit & Gorgeous Fabric

I could feel the difference as soon as I put it on my face! I am so glad I took the plunge to replace my synthetic masks with these beautiful silk ones, best decision I've made. I also got so many compliments about my mask which has never happened before.

Silk mask

Smooth, comfortable and easy to breathe

22 MM silk pillowcase

The silk pillowcase is soft and super gentle to the face. Repeat purchase . I introduced it to my friend and my mum and they love it to bits too. Would highly recommend it. Thanks Kae for the excellent service and advice too.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Used it for the first time last night. The pillowcases are so soft and smooth. My head felt so cool on it and I think my quality of sleep improved. Hope I can continue to have such good sleep every night!

Luxurious silk masks

I have both the 4-layer and 3-layer silks masks. Both are luxuriously and well made. I prefer the 3-layer silk mask as it is more breathable as June silk claims but the 4-layer mask is great as it has additional protection. Both masks come with filer pockets so we could actually add to the protection if we need. These silk masks are wonderful for my skin that has been having issues with mask usage.

Smooth and pretty mask, great customer service!

I ordered the black silk mask, but their CS reached out to tell me it was out of stock and offered to exchange to this black 3-layer mask for no additional charge! I bought it for my husband and it was a little bit tight (the ear straps were not long enough for him) but it covered his face well. It was easy to wash too!

So pretty and no more maskne!

Very smooth fabric, cooling to wear, and looks so pretty! I actually bought it for a wedding shoot and it didn't smudge or rub off my makeup too much, which was really good!

amazing mask

I was honestly skeptical about how these would look and feel but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these masks.
Comfortable to wear and helped reduce the mask-ne breakouts I had.
Amazing customer service and delivery too.

Silk Face Mask Black

PM 2.5 Disposable Filter

Soft and nice!

The pillow case is really soft and nice to sleep on. My hair is less frizzy after one night of use.

A suggestion, you can work on improving the packaging to make it looks more presentable.

Thank you for your feedback Doris. Glad to hear our silk pillowcase is working great for you, we're revamping our silk pillowcase packaging which will be coming in June. Stay tuned! 🙂

Great quality and comfort

I love these masks. They feel smooth on my face and adjust and fit nicely. Easy to wash and easy to breathe in!