At June Sillk, we have and will always strive to be as sustainable, ethical and environmentally conscious as possible when creating our products.

The words sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly living are phrases you have undoubtedly seen and heard from many brands. But what does this really mean and what are businesses actually doing to stay truthful to these words?


Silk is a circular and zero-waste fabric, with all of silk’s byproducts able to be integrated back into the local ecosystem and economy. The mulberry fruits may be eaten, the wood used for timber or fuel, the foliage fed to cattle, and extra waste used as fertilizer.

The chemical process involved in silk production has a far lower impact compared to that used in synthetics or conventional cotton production. Silk is also good for use with low impact dyes, which contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the process of fabric colouring.

Finally, silk is readily biodegradable after its useful life. It can go on to produce healthy mulch or compost, and hence soil. 


We are big believers in finding creative ways to reduce our ecological footprint. Our packaging has always been minimal, and we are always working to find even more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Currently, we use resealable plastic bags to package our silk masks which we encourage customers to reuse. Our silk pillowcases come in a hard cover box designed for gifting and can be re-purposed into accessories box. Our silk hair wraps are stored in a luxe EVA plastic bag which is waterproof and reusable. Our hair accessories are packed in silk pouches for safe keeping.

We aim to eliminate plastic in our packaging by 2023 and continually make an effort to move towards a zero waste standard.

To send our products, we have various sizes of envelopes and boxes to ensure they are packed as compact as possible without additional fillers. We use a mixture of compostable plant based polymer and paper material depending on the size of the product.

We import goods by sea transport, which is considerably more efficient than air and road transport, and takes higher priority in achieving national and international climate goals.

The team at June Silk have always believed in full transparency when it comes to sharing how we stay true to our commitment of producing sustainable and ethical silk products and hair accessories. We hope that in giving you this insight you will discover and learn about how we work towards environmental protection and sustainability. Our team will undoubtedly continue to better our practices and improve our climate impact.