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Differences Between a Good & Bad Silk Pillowcase

Good Silk Pillowcase

More and more people are swapping out their regular cotton pillowcase for a silk one. But while sleeping on silk is great for your hair, skin and sleep, not all silk pillowcases are created equal. Here are 5 things you should consider when buying a silk pillowcase.


While other bedding such as cotton uses thread count to determine its quality, silk threads are so fine, so this method is not suitable. Instead, silk is measured in momme, which measures the density of silk. One momme equates to about 4.3 grams per square meter. Silk with a higher momme weight are better quality, thicker, can be washed repeatedly and will last longer. Our silk pillowcases at June Silk are 22 momme, the ideal weight for durability and affordability.

Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk has been around for thousands of years and is the finest, strongest and softest silk you can obtain. Other silk fibres and methods of weaving vary in colour and texture and are not nearly as high quality as Mulberry Silk.


Some brands use silk with a lower momme weights and then apply an artificial finish to make is soft. However, when these kinds of pillowcases are washed, the finish is removed, and the pillowcase loses it’s apparent quality. You can usually tell if a pillowcase has been coated in this finish if the silk feels stiff.


Satin is a synthetic material that usually mimics silk with its glossy finish. However, satin is not as soft, less breathable and isn’t temperature regulating like silk is.


Long-time lovers of sleeping on silk know that a silk pillowcase is an investment worth every penny. But for first time buyers it may be tempting to choose the cheaper option. However, you get what you pay for. So, while a pillowcase may be significantly cheaper than others, it’s probably poor quality and you won’t enjoy the benefits of silk. You’d be better off waiting a little longer to save for a better-quality pillowcase, instead of wasting your money of a poor-quality silk pillowcase that is no better than cotton.

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