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5 Tips to Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

5 Tips to Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

A study undertaken by global health technology firm Philips released on March 17 2021 found that 57 per cent of the 1,000 Singaporeans surveyed said that the pandemic had directly impacted their sleeping patterns. Close to 3 in 10 said they now sleep less each night. Only 21 per cent of respondents said they feel well-rested most of the time when waking. As a start-up business owner, I often find myself working to 1-2 am and chugging down cups of coffee the next day to stay awake. Good sleep is key to good health and without a restful space, getting a good night’s sleep is nearly impossible. I asked my interior designer friend, Demi Goh of Demi Goh Design,for some tips on how to create a heavenly haven for slumber. Ready, set, dream!

The bedroom can serve as a multifunctional room–such as an office, library, or laundry room–but in the end, it is a sanctuary for sleep. This room should be the most luxurious and personal space in any home – a soothing oasis that is conducive to relaxation and comfort.

1 . Surround yourself with relaxing colors

Fire-engine red or electric blue may be your favorite color, but keep them out of the bedroom. “Colors in a bedroom should envelope you to create a warm and cozy cocoon,” says Demi “I prefer soft and muted colors in bedrooms with grey tones. Think the warm colors you see during sunset if you are looking for color inspiration.”

2. Add calming aromas

Incorporating fragrant plants, scented candles or diffused essential oils into your bedroom’s design can help you fall asleep. “Any fragrance that makes you calm and relaxed — lavender, vanilla and jasmine — can promote sleep,” says Demi. “Your olfactory system is directly linked to the emotional center in your brain, so when you sniff something that brings back a good memory, your body releases feel-good, relaxing chemicals that can set the stage for great sleep,” Demi says, adding that buying a fragrant candle or spraying your pillow with an essential oil could help do the trick.

3. Cover your bed in bedding you love

According to the study, 9 out of 1 0 Singaporeans rated the comfortable feel of sheets and bedding as important to getting a good night’s rest.

The mattress is the most important element [of getting] a great night’s sleep,” says Demi. “My key recommendation is to source one from a company with a good, long-lasting reputation, like Sealy.” When it comes to purchasing something you spend virtually every night on, the choice shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider, such as size, sleeping style, and support level.

“I love the look of crisp white bedding but that can be boring, so I always ensure that there is some visual interest whether it’s unexpected prints on sheeting and duvets or fun accent pillows.” Demi also recommends changing new bedding every 1 8 to 24 months because, like with any fabric, repeated washings negatively affect how it feels. If that’s not in your budget, opt for just new pillowcases for a fresh feel. “When I switch to silk pillowcases, not only did I get the best sleep ever, also my long thick hair wasn’t in knots, I usually spend 10 minutes in the morning brushing my hair out but now my fingers just glide though my hair. My favourite colours are the Charcoal and Rose Gold“, says Demi.

4. Plan lighting wisely

Lowered lighting signals to our brains that the day has come to a close, so mimic a setting sun in your overhead fixtures and bedside lamps. Dimming the lights about an hour before bed will tell your brain it’s time to shift into sleep mode. “Dimmer switches are a no-brainer. For less than $15, you can do so much to help you relax and ease into rest,” Demi says. In addition to dimmers, Lake only uses 60 to-75-watt bulbs in lamps, and switches to candlelight before bedtime — extinguishing flames before falling asleep, of course. “The soft flickering flame is so calming and relaxing before bed,” she says. Flameless candles are also an option.

5. Hang light-blocking curtains and shades

If your bedroom isn’t pitch black at midnight, you need to re-evaulate your curtains or shades, Demi says. “Light pollution reflects and refracts light,

which eliminates the darkness that cues our bodies to sleep,” she says. “So consider blackout curtains if you’re having trouble sleeping. Fabrics enforced with light-blocking properties can make it easy to take back the darkness and get deeper, more restorative sleep.”

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