We understand this is a challenging time for everyone. 24 July is International Self-Care Day, so we’ll like to encourage you and ourselves to take part in self-care activities which can help with our mental health and well-being.  We need to take care of ourselves so we can feel good and continue to take care of those we love and support, both at work and at home.

Without giving ourselves sufficient time and attention to stay healthy physically, socially and psychologically, we risk becoming fatigued and even experience burnout.

30 Day Self Care Challenge

One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is to implement a 30 day self love challenge from time to time. Although, finding something that’s both appealing and workable can be a challenge in itself… So, today I’m sharing some 30 day self care challenge ideas that only take 30 minutes or less every day. Because finding 30 minutes every day to spend time on yourself doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

30 day self care challenge ideas

I should point out that these 30 day challenge ideas are ones that appeal to me. My form of speedy self care won’t be the same as yours, but they may give you a few pointers as any self care ideas should start with what makes you feel good. For me that could range from burning my favourite scented candles, treating myself to some new workout wear, having a social media detox, getting outside to spend time in nature, baking a fresh batch of granola or learning something new.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  It’s about choosing ideas that work for YOU and your life. Anyway, here are some of my favourites.

30 minute challenge for the day

Day 1 – start a gratitude journal to remind you of every little thing that makes you happy.

Day 2 – go outside and reconnect with nature: either in your garden, in a park, or just by leaning (safely!) out of your window.

Day 3 – walk barefoot on the grass: not only a great way of (quite literally) grounding yourself but it also feels soooooo good.

Day 4 – declutter your dressing table: get rid of all those bits of fluff, paper, and dusty fairy lights around the mirror (just me? OK then…)

Day 5 – make your favourite fresh and delicious smoothie, ideally with a spoonful of superfood powder to really boost both the mental and physical benefits.

Day 6 – read a new book. It’s amazing what you learn in only a few chapters a day.

Day 7 – dance to 5 favourite songs without stopping: aka a mini-workout to get those endorphins going.

Day 8 – file and paint your toenails: because pretty feet always make me feel more put together.

Day 9 – pamper yourself with a DIY facial: time to make use of all those sheet masks in the drawer…

Day 10 –  make myself a cup of tea. Create your own customised blend of tea with local tea brand, At Tea Co, where you can choose from various base and supporting ingredients.

Day 11 – burn some scented candles: Zendle’s candles always do it for me.

Day 12 – buy or pick some fresh flowers for your home: don’t underestimate the simple joy and power of bringing some colour and life into your home.

Day 13 – make your own fruit-infused water: because tap water can taste quite boring sometimes, can’t it?

Day 14 – treat yourself to breakfast in bed: bonus points if someone else treats you 🙂

Day 15 – try a new hobby: photography, sewing, baking, pottery, embroidery, the list is endless!

Day 16 – draw up your travel bucket list for when we can travel safely again. Where would you really love to go?

Day 17 – take self-care lessons from others: you only have to look on Pinterest or Google to find a cornucopia of fab ideas that have worked for other practitioners.

Day 18 – learn to meditate: it might sound a bit woo-woo but lots of people I love and respect swear by it.

Day 19 – listen to your favourite podcaster(s): perhaps while you’re waiting for your toenails to dry?

Day 20 – indulge yourself with some new skincare*: as the seasons change, so does our skins’ needs.

Day 21 – learn a new skill: why not check out Skills Future SG for some inspiration?

Day 22 – have a social media declutter: clear out some of those inactive accounts that you never interact with and find some new inspiring, accounts to love.

Day 23 – bake some brownie: so easy, you only need three ingredients for these decadent Nutella Brownies.

Day 24 – treat your hair to a conditioning mask: because why should your skin get all the love?

Day 25 – write down 5 things you like about yourself: it’s time to appreciate your achievements and be proud of what makes you, YOU.

Day 26 – cuddle a loved one or a pet: although pets are obviously loved ones too, but you know what I mean 🙂

Day 27 – practise some Pilates or yoga: it’s surprising how much gentle stretching (you don’t need to go in hard) can unlock both body and mind.

Day 28 – wash your pillows and change your pillowcases. Do you know our pillowcase can harbour 1000X the bacteria of a toilet seat?

Day 29 – sort out your make up drawer: get rid of all those dried up mascaras, eye liners, and lipsticks you no longer wear, and are hazardous to skin health. Then treat yourself to some new shades!

Day 30 – smile at everyone: you made it to 30 days so why not? Smiling at strangers may feel scary but you’ll give them a boost and when they smile back, it spreads the self love.

There you go. If you’d like a handy visual reminder, I’ve put together my list of 30 days of self care challenge ideas in 30 minutes or less below. Or you can download a free 30 day self care challenge printable PDF here instead if that’s easier.