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5 Benefits of Silk

5 benefits of silk

Silk has made its mark in the fabric industry for being one of the more coveted fabrics in the world. Besides its luxurious softness and lustrous beauty, there are a variety of other benefits that silk offers that other fabrics, whether natural or artificial, simply cannot match. These advantages of silk have rightly earned silk its reputation as the queen of fabrics. New research suggests that silk isn’t just for looks; as these five points show, silk may be very well on its way to becoming a natural antidote for various health conditions.


Silk contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids which speed up the metabolism of skin cells and help to counter the effects of aging. Silk is a natural heat regulator, able to maintain the air around you at a comfortable temperature when you sleep, meaning you perspire less – extensive sweating is a big contributor to skin aging. The smooth surface of silk means there is little friction between your skin and your bedding linen, which is said to be the biggest cause for sleep wrinkles. The problem with cotton is that it doesn’t slide and that the fabric continually rubs and pulls on the delicate parts of the face and neck. As it ages, our skin becomes more fragile, less elastic and “sleep wrinkles” take longer to go away. They develop slowly but surely into permanent lines.


Because silk weavings are soft and silky, they will make your hair “glide” across the pillowcase and prevent the excessive friction that causes hair breakage.Silk does not conduct static electricity so you can keep your hair silky soft! No need to worry about static tangled hair in the early morning. Soft tangle-free hair also means reducing hair loss in the long run. Last but not least, silk acts as a humidity sensor, creating a protective barrier that keeps your hair properly hydrated. It absorbs far less sebum produced by your hair. 


On one hand, silk retains very few germs due to the structure of its fibers. Moreover, there is very little space for dust and other allergens, which irritate the skin and eyes, to enter between the silk threads weaved with the finest quality. Moreover, enzymes which are present in the silk prevent the appearance of small imperfections and take part in acne control. The skin breathes and rests on a more hygienic surface. The use of silk is advised in cases of severe acne or eczema due to its numerous antibacterial qualities.


Their hollow center makes silk fibers far better at regulating body temperature than cotton. When you sweat, silk wicks away moisture and keeps you cool; when you’re not, it insulates and maintains warmth. This is why silk sheets are great for staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When cotton sheets get damp, they absorb moisture and lose their ability to insulate. Cotton shuts down the natural cooling process of your body. Silk, on the other hand, keeps you cool and — by wicking away moisture — dry. This helps your body to return more quickly to normal temperature.


The high quality June the Six silk is strong, durable, and can be used for many years if cared properly. We recommend using a delicate detergent to wash our products and to use the hand wash/gentle program with a maximum temperature of 30° Celsius. Read more about caring for silk in our article about Silk Care. 

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